Wisdom: New, Old, Exquisitely Timeless

A while back, I shared with a recovery mentor some advice I’d gotten that was bugging me. she wisely told me not to let it get to me—even though it had come from someone with a great deal more sober time than I have.

My friend reminded me that, in the recovery community, we are all taking it one day at a time. So in one respect, all any of us has is TODAY.

I thought a lot about that.

Recently, I asked for wisdom to deal with a really stressful situation, and a friend from one of my groups reached out and talked with me that night. She was so sweet, so kind, so encouraging. Then, a couple of weeks later, I was beautifully surprised to learn that this gentle soul who has been a great inspiration to me has about a half a year of sobriety under her belt!

I shouldn’t be surprised. Think of the wunderkind stock genius fresh out of college, the editorial assistant with a gorgeous novel waiting to be published, the older person sitting next to you in the office chair in the government job who takes their time learning the computer codes, but then find out they leave work and run a volunteer clothes closet for those in need. We all know important stuff.

It’s a good lesson—whether our sobriety date count is at one year, six months, or 45 years—we all have just today. And we can all learn from each other. There is power in community!

And newcomers have important wisdom too, as fresh and gorgeous as the first spring flowers.

Namaste, darlings!

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