20 Months of Freedom and Little Miracles

I arrived at an event to set up table and room decorations only to find that my spot had been taken over by a construction crew! All my careful plans for two weeks, and now it’s back to the drawing board. I gotta improvise. I feel the anxiety rising up in my heist and my pulse starting to spike…

But this time, I remember my intention for the day: to nip anxiety in the bud and stop the spiral into terror. I did it. I smiled, excused myself, put on headphones with my VERY BEST “you got this music,” and breathed intentionally. I went back to my car and reorganized. Drank some coconut-mango juice out of my favorite happy tumbler–prepared in advance for the morning. And I took a moment to write.

It’s gonna be okay. Here, I’m clutching my “18 month” chip–two 8-month chips which my favorite meeting gave me because I wanted to celebrate the milestone so much (those ladies ROCK!!! Community support for the win!). I don’t want a drink, but those chips in my hand remind me of serenity, of how far I’ve come in those (now 20) months, and how much better I’m dealing with problems, big and small.

Now, back to decorate that table.

Namaste, darlings!

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