hope, change, trucks


It matters.

And we must not lose faith in people’s ability to change. We can make good decisions or bad ones. Today at the grocery, I saw a truck. A big, macho, green, shiny, expensive, deer-decal-ed bubba truck. The bubba in question swaggered out with his facial hair and muscles and marched into the store. I looked closer.

Amongst the hunting decals, there was a space where something that had been ripped off. Something about the size of a Trump bumper sticker. Lately, I haven’t seen those around, even here, in red-state redneckland.

Bubba’s truck gave me hope today. People change.

Growth is a big part of recovery.

Namaste, darlings!


3 thoughts on “hope, change, trucks”

  1. Aha! I still see big Bubba trucks on the grocery store parking lot with trump propaganda pasted on bumpers, windows, etc. Raises my BP a few notches. Those same trucks flew by my house with Hillary signs in the front yard in 2016 profaning me, screaming obscenities at me. But I will put my signs out front again this year for the mid-terms.

    1. I feel ya!!! I felt the same way during the last election—and in the American south people were actually flying the wretched Confederate flag from their cars for a while… But I will take all the hope I can get in these troubled times. And I DO believe people can change. As someone in recovery, I jnowbthe power of God’s healing. 🙂 Namaste!

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